Ok, so now summer is here. We have been looking forward to it all year, and it has finally arrived…YAY! But wait, now I am BORED. I mean it is fun to do absolutely nothing but watch Netflix all day for a while, but then…it gets old. It is also just not possible to plan fun events with friends, like the beach, pool days, and shopping every single day. So on those “off” days what do we do to avoid that unpleasant feeling of BOREDOM.


Well, sometimes one of the main triggers for boredom is thinking about what others are doing that seems WAY more fun than what we are doing. In our social media saturated world, we can often see pictures of what others are doing, or read posts or tweets about the “super fun beach day with the girls” or “Fab shopping day with my BFF.” We get slapped in the face by all the cool stuff others are doing, which can leave us feeling sad, bored, and maybe a bit frustrated.

Maybe sitting at home was kind of relaxing, and you were enjoying time to yourself… until you compared this to what another person is doing. Now, all of a sudden, what you’re doing is not enough. This is the slippery slope of comparing ourselves to others. We become less satisfied with ourselves. So how do we stop this pattern? Well for some it helps to take a break from social media…PUT DOWN the phone!!! Then make a schedule for yourself- you can schedule things like watch TV, read, make lunch, go hang out at a local coffee shop, go for a walk, etc. So the idea is to give yourself a schedule even when you have nothing that you HAVE to do! Then practice the mantra- WHAT I AM DOING IS ENOUGH.” We always think others are doing more than us, or we are wasting our summer…so this mantra helps us feel satisfied in the moment.

I hope this helps!