Stress Less During FINALS

It’s that time again, the inevitable end of year final exams are here. I always thought this round of finals were the hardest because the summer sun is starting to show it’s face, summer plans are well underway, and mental fatigue sets in because it has been a long, long school year….

So, how do we buckle down for the last few days/weeks of school and manage the stress that accompanies the big bad F-word….FINALS! Well, first of all, set aside time to daydream and plan for summer- we don’t want to force ourselves to ignore those pleasant thoughts because then, all of sudden they will be the only thing we can think about…it’s funny how that works, right?

Then also set aside time to study, make a schedule for yourself, including rewards for your hard work. I always liked to study let’s say History for 2 hours and then go for a walk around the block and then have a big glass of iced tea while sitting on the patio! Then go back to my room and study Chemistry for 2 hours and then watch one episode of my favorite show! You get the idea…rewards go a long way- they provide a break for our brain AND if you choose relaxing activities they can also significantly reduce stress levels making the time you study even more effective.


Photo on 5-29-15 at 12.08 PM #4

Lastly when you are studying, notice your posture, notice your breathing patterns…if you’re like me, your shoulders are probably quickly approaching your ears, your back has a slight slouch,  your jaw is clenched, and your brow just might have a few wrinkles in it 🙂 Your breathing is probably very shallow, you may even be holding your breath…you get the picture. So now, notice how YOU sit and breathe while studying and then think to yourself as you focus on each tense area of your body “LET GO, RELAX, BREATHE.” Try it with me now, breathe in for the count of 5, 1-2-3-4-5, Hold it, and now breathe out for 5, 5-4-3-2-1. Now repeat that 3 times!

Go get em’! You got this!